Pleasurable Menopause Ask Me Anything Interview

Recently I was a talk radio guest of Rebekah Beneteau, creator and host of Ask Me Anything Love and Sex Show. Rebekah describes herself as a former stand-up comic turned healer and coach. Her signature style draws on straight talk, humor and radical acceptance.  No topic is taboo.

When Rebekah initially made the invitation she let me know she had an avid interest in pleasurable menopause. As we became acquainted before the show, I knew we'd have a lot to talk about. In fact we talked for nearly an hour non-stop on the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Below are some snippets of our dialogue.

Listen to the first half hour of the conversation and subscribe to the Female Orgasm podcast by the Welcomed Consensus for all the episodes.

This photo was snapped while live on the air with Rebekah and I hope you can tell I'm enthusiastic. Have a question you'd like to see addressed on Menopause Flashes? Feel free to ask in the comments. This post after all is titled Ask Me Anything, so go for it. 

Ask Me Anything Blog Author Yvonne Wray
Why I can talk with such confidence, it’s not an intellectual thing. I feel it in my body. I have to say, I know sometimes people think "Oh Yvonne, you’re from California and you're so San Francisco. You know -- it's not the same for people across the US. You're in this unique special situation."

But you know what? I'm a really down to earth, practical person. I mean I have a computer science degree. I'm not really into those kinds of mmm-- I don’t know what to call them exactly. Although I'm talking about orgasm and a definition of orgasm, I'm talking about something that I feel, that I experience. It's a reality, not just a play on words.

It can keep getting better and better. Why I say this, about me being a practical person, is because I just know there are women and men out there that think they can brush it off because I'm this San Francisco sexual person or something. But it's not true. That part doesn't matter so much, except to say that I'm really like every woman.

Every day I go through the same types of resistance that women have to having pleasure. I face those kinds of everyday decisions, those everyday choices that every woman goes through and every man goes through in order to have a good relationship. In order to have a good sex life. In order to have something that you can sustain over years and years.

When I tell the truth about what I'm feeling and just say it straight out -- Oh this is how I’m feeling today, I can enjoy the communication and the intimacy that comes with that.

It is the same in everyday in life, not just in menopause. Every day your moods are changing. Every day how you are experiencing your life changes moment by moment. So in that communication with my friend, when I'm telling him and letting him know what's happening, that creates movement. It also moves the energy through my body. It moves the energy through my life and it opens up more possibilities for more pleasure and more enjoyment.

Note: excerpts were edited for readability. The full transcript with the audio can be found at Fun, More Pleasure and Menopause: A Paradox?


sheri said...

Fun interview! I enjoyed hearing of your fun playful experience with menopause.

Deb said...

Do you still have periods? I've gone eight months without and now it's like I'm starting all over again. God it makes me want to cry. Ever have those days?

Yvonne said...

Deb, I do still have periods. The longest I've gone without is six months. There is no pattern to when/if I will have the next one. Oh yes, I have had those days too! It sure helps to have something or someone I enjoy to put my attention on.

Thank you for the comments and questions.

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