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I've switched my blog location recently. To follow my journey chronologically, start with Menopause Flashes Turning Up the Heat at my new blog venue.

Menopause Flashes: Turning Up The Heat blog highlights experiences and insights about menopause from my perspective as a sensual researcher. Yes, my sensual research does involve sex and it includes a whole lot more about living life, being happy and enjoying what it means to be a woman.

Early in my menopausal transition I realized I was not going to be one of those women who sail through the change without feeling the typical hot flashes, mood swings, inconsistent sex drive and other assorted bodily reactions. There were decisions to be made about my health and happiness that I was having a hard time confronting. I understood little about menopause and the underlying attitudes that colored my expectations. So I decided to put on my researcher's hat and from there see what I noticed about this major development that was, and still is, taking place in my life.

I've been a sensual researcher since age 32 and started this blog in celebration of turning 50. I have fun and friendship as the highest goals in my life. Menopause affects everyone, therefore I've geared my writing towards interested people, all ages and genders. I invite you to engage with me here as part of my research. Together we can explore menopause as an opportunity for turning up the heat on midlife.

I've switched my blog location recently. To follow my journey chronologically, start with Menopause Flashes Turning Up the Heat at my new blog venue.


klaysinger said...

Good going, Yvonne! Can't believe our mothers and grandmothers went through menopause so quietly!
I am 10 years into it and I have been enjoying the ride (well, except for the intense flashes). Though having the drive to have sex turn from a fire to a couple of embers was definitely something to be reckoned with, involving taking a good look at who I really am, now. (Always an interesting endeavor...) My relationship with my guy is the best and most appreciative it's ever been. The affection we feel for each other keeps growing. We have to pretty much PLAN to have sex now, because we can't depend on raging turn-on to MAKE us need to have it. That is not a bad thing, though.
As usual, there are positive and negative sides of the coin: Lack of sleep from hot flashes/ active dream-life and remembering dreams. Dimming turn-on/ feeling calmer, friendlier, easier relationship with male friends, Problems with memory loss/ better intuition... my theory is intuition increases so we can figure out what our friends are trying to say when they can't remember the word they are wanting to use :) Weight gain/ more curves and new wardrobe!
I love living in Hawaii. There is a lot more respect for kupuna (elders), unlike youth-oriented mainland USA. Being called "Auntie" is kinda sweet too. And Hula is wonderful, you get to feel sensual, beautiful, connected not matter what age, body shape. And good brain/body exercise.

Yvonne said...

Welcome and thank you for letting us all know your experience too. You have a vibrant way of expressing yourself, something people can benefit from especially during times of change like menopause brings.

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